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Make the most out of your Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective means of digital marketing for small businesses. The cost is negligible when compared to social media campaigns or paid search marketing.

But because it's cost-effective, it comes with its own set of challenges. Consumers and businesses have stopped taking marketing emails seriously unless they stand out from the clutter than they receive daily.

A lot of bulk emails end up landing in the user’s spam folder. Even if it makes it to the inbox, it mostly remains unread.

So, how to go about it to make sure that an Email Marketing Campaign is worth your effort and time. Here are a few tips:

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Professional Email addresses instead of personal

Whenever you're buying a database to send bulk emails, ask the vendor to provide the professional email addresses of your target customers. The chances of your mail being noticed and read are higher there.

The subject line should not be too flashy

Avoid words like 'Best Offer' & 'Best Deal'. Don't use any superlatives. Push marketing doesn't work anymore for online campaigns. Keep the subject line as informative as possible. Try to place your product or service attributes in it. An informative subject line also reduces the odds of your mail landing in the customer's spam folder.

Avoid sending too many emails

Just because it's free doesn't mean one needs to engage in overkill. Filter your database as much as possible. Your emails should ideally only reach people who're both interested in your product/service and can afford it.

Don't stick to one copy

Have your writers and designers prepare multiple mailers for a single product or service. Over time you can identify consumer behavior and figure out what works best.

It should not be too wordy

The email should not have too much text. It must be concise and engaging. Emails that have too much text don't hold the customer's attention for long. There is a chance of customer closing the message before getting to the crucial part of the pitch.

Call To Action (CTA)

Perhaps the most important aspect of Email Marketing. Here are a few commonly used CTAs that work:

  1. Buttons that take the customers to a form to register customer interest.
  2. If you're reaching out to a customer you've engaged with before, you can ask them to reply to your email.
  3. Provide a helpline number to call

Emails to which customers cannot reply, 'do not reply' should be mentioned clearly in the subject line.

Regularity is the key

Make it a point to engage your regular customers after timely intervals. It can be in the form of a survey, an offer, or a mini newsletter.


Email Marketing will barely make a dent in your marketing budget. However, the success rate is also often lower than some other digital marketing campaigns. But if planned and executed well, it fares better than almost every other medium in cost-benefit analysis. Know your target audience, make engagement the key, use the right subject lines, and make sure that in every email you send, the customer sees some incentive in showing interest.


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